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My husband likes to spank me

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According to one unofficial estimate, about three quarters of wives have sex with their husbands shortly after being spanked. I have not advocated spanking in front of kids, however.

Always over her panties, but then one day asked if I could spank her bare bottom to which she agreed. Pornhub granny lesbian. In many instances, the woman expects it. My husband likes to spank me. He has a very stressful job and needs to be held accountable for his misdeeds. And so begins our dd lifestyle. After he has finished with the belt whipping, I must thank him for properly punishing me. You can read more about the belt he currently uses here.

He was, as she described it, too subservient. But I struggled again, horrified at my predicament, the appearance of my gently curved body and large breasts wobbling in front of a gorgeous man like him who had to be younger than me by a mile was just too much.

It follows, therefore, that spanking is equated in the feminist mind with flogging the slaves. Nor does feminism seem to know what to do with strong women in traditional roles. Naked indian sexy girls. Maybe I should start a survey… Like Like. Of course, you have to take an experimental approach.

Also, because he likes it, doesn't mean it has to happen on the regular. Get the book Love and Respect by Dr Emerson Eggerichs who expounds this theory and also tells you what to say and not say to your spouse.

I enjoy spankings, but I still prefer our other forms of erotic recreation. We should have some time away from family tonight and if we do, this will be read for sure! The source of the difficulty was childhood problem around which my wife and built a fortress-like emotional brick wall.

That is an awesome letter and I will be reading it to my husband tonight hopefully! After a few swats with his hand, he started with his belt, and then the hanger. I always use my hand or a wooden paddle. Is it wrong to admit that I enjoy it? Wow, I'm excited for you! I was really losing it this time.

What do you mean with this? If a husband cheats with many women and even has a love to child and his wife Dosent know and the husband refuses to tell the wife? I had never seen such a handsome man. Emotionally I was now much better off than before. Nevertheless, in most marriages, its use is best reserved for resolving thorny, sometimes otherwise unresolvable, issues that threaten the stability of the relationship.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Skip to content The first time my husband spanked me, I was utterly shocked.

My husband likes to spank me

I also think there is a chance you could build up a tolerance for the spanking.

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The fact that I deserve to be punished soundly and thoroughly is made clear to me and I need it not just as correction and behavior adjustment but also as atonement that can relieve me of guilt.

The relief of being touched there was exquisite but I was to deny myself the pleasure despite my loud moan of satisfaction.

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Never mind that women are often numbered among the chief advocates of husbands being allowed to preserve domestic tranquility by putting their wives over the knee for a straightening out.

However, I went to her album in hopes of seeing her derriere after one of the spankings defined hereinbelow. At that moment, my heart began to race. Sexy ass girls tumblr. Even after several decades of marriage, my wife still tests me. My husband likes to spank me. I had one experience with it prior, and I had written about it on here.

That averages out to be. I love the cane lying on my face in bed or by the sofa Like Like. Both of you have finished your meal and stacked the dishes in the sink. Despite claims that this is a conscious choice, more than likely it has a visceral component linked to survival of the species. My left buttock quivered under the pressure of the first slap from his hand. Nargis naked image. It was this last form of persuasion that did the trick. Nevertheless, despite the achievements, women still have many of the same expectations of men as their grandmothers.

A bit late in responding: Jeremy had to admit that the feelings of power and control were exciting to him. She sometimes lets her sister watch from the bedroom door. It was a pity he had arrived so late to provide me with attention in my life.

Yet, also note Jeremy's "reaction" to the spanking. It was a gamble, but it worked. My observations may be different from others because I come from an older generation. I figured we were done when we started making dinner, but I was quite wrong. Spanking in real life has become even a bigger no-no. Wife porn lesbian. Should we establish some rules for her to follow? It arises from a biological amalgam of being simultaneously dominated and protected while being wanted. My sore bottom made me think otherwise and I got up and got the ginger out of the refrigerator and a knife and I returned to my husband.

This has to start at home long before a girl is anywhere old enough to date. I could not disagree that my naughty behavior warranted punishment and that I needed a severe spanking. Long story short we were dating a month after her divorce. It might also be worth mentioning the spanking of young women was so prevalent when my wife and I were dating that she told her mother that I had spanked her.

In many ways, it is like a specialized tool in a workshop. Were you spanked growing up and how do you feel about submitting to a spanking by your husband? We learned that lighter and stingy implements were the trick. I wish I could switch it off to be honest.

I enjoy it, but it always embarrasses me when he touches me back there. Problems arise because consistent use of spanking tends to produce more inconsistent results in teenage males than it does in their female peers. Both erotic and discipline spankings usually end up with very hot sex and lots of orgasms. At the same time, she said she really dreaded being spanked on the third day because is really jarred her insides. Only recently have men and women risked reestablishing once reviled traditional relationships.

I never found that combination. Consequently, I would suggest that spanking is effective with most women.

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He told me he loved me. Nor was he alone in that belief. Soon I will marry a muslim. Free hairy panties pics. Femdom chastity pegging tumblr With that thought in mind, here are some answers to your questions:. If he's whipping your bottom red and leaving marks, this might be an issue. When I wasnwith my baby father he did a lot of punishing and it made me feel loved and protected. I am not going to let you go anywhere. I even have two levels of maintenance I use.

I want it so badly. My husband likes to spank me. Late 20th century problems developed with spanking for one simple and thoroughly incorrect reason. He gave it a small squeeze making me jump. Sex bbw big tits. I was sympathetic and I told her of some of my feelings. But his spanking me was short-lived.

He cannot read your mind.

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Wwww sex vedio com Perhaps the most insidious thing feminism has done is to attack traditional male institutions without offering a specific and workable alternative to the ensuing chaos it created.
Asian porn websites This was not as bad as it sounds. That was the first time I received a quick spanking.
Devon lee tits Says that I am careless, don't care enough about what he wants, and so on.

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